Just felt compelled to repost. Enjoy.

Just a Simple Man

Wow, here it is almost 2 months after I started this article and I’m finally finishing it.  I can usually knock out a decent blog in a couple of hours and sometimes that bleeds over to a couple of days if I don’t like the quality of the information.  Why has it taken me months to get this one out?  Confusion and frustration mixed together is the reason why.  I could not get my brain engaged and wrapped around this topic to make it flow and make sense and yet get everything in it I was trying to portray.  I was completely gung-ho on cranking this one out and after about an hour and one paragraph later, I was utterly stumped.  Stopped dead in my tracks.

I wasn’t sure where to go with this one.  I was struggling because it sat there in my draft pile just collecting time on it and instead of just deleting it, I let it sit…

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