Training Wheels

Now do not get me wrong, I have NOTHING against bicyclists whatsoever.  However, when it comes to those who believe they do not have to follow the law, well that’s where I have a problem.  And those of you who travel on bikes in large groups…… Please use more discretion when using public roadways.  I know some of you are already offended with my opening but the law is the law and one other law you must consider when riding is the law of gross tonnage.  You might have rights and laws but when you’re dead because you were inconsiderate of the law of gross tonnage, well, you’re dead.

When referencing the large groups of bicyclists traveling in a pack (15 or more) please consider single file.  I know you want to ride next to your buddy or your spouse and maybe sometimes 3 of you like to ride side by side but what a hazard you have created for yourself.  And you pose a challenge for those around you in cars as now you have blocked a lane (on a curve) making the driver of the car to make a quick judgement call and making an erratic lane change before they can even check if there is traffic in the lane next to them.  If you are riding in a group, I would bet you are out there as a huge bicycling enthusiast or maybe even training for some event.  Whatever the case, I bet socializing is not your #1 intent therefore, string it out into single file and don’t force drivers of cars and trucks to make erratic decisions.

Pursuant to Arizona law, A.R.S. §28-812 you are mandated to the same laws that govern motorized vehicles once you take off your training wheels & migrate from riding on sidewalks and onto the roadways.  Remember, a STOP sign means to bring your bicycle to a complete STOP meaning, “No Motion.”   Not to be confused with an acronym of STOP meaning squeal tires on pavement.  To be fair and informing you once again, the law of gross tonnage applies in this situation as well.  You will not win and if you are lucky you might live.  I witnessed two different bicyclists this morning blaze through an intersection, completely ignoring the stop sign at more than 20 mph.  Not only did you put yourself at risk but you challenged my ability to drive defensively and ensure you weren’t going to be 6 feet under ground pushing up daisies.  I can appreciate being challenged from time to time but seriously, you and your bike are at risk in that my old truck will win each and every time.

Please be more like this:


So that you do not create this:

Bicycle Carnage


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