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Who are we and what have we allowed ourselves to become?  This Politically Correct (PC) world is starting to crumble, and for some really stupid reason, I truly believe that some day we will get back to where we once were.  Is that a pipe dream?  Is that only a fleeting thought that will never occur?  You can’t say this, you can’t say that, you can only say these things and whatever you do, please do not offend the government as they are trying so hard to protect our rights!  Sure they are….!  Rest assured though, there is someone helping to bring PC to an abrupt end.  Donald Trump is anything but PC and he has proven time and again, “who cares if someone is offended?”

Today’s society is so damn fricking brainwashed it’s pathetic.  I have watched interview after interview and the answers I hear from some of these imbeciles is downright idiotic.  Today’s society has become so dependant on the government (which the gov. wants) and they do not even want to think for themselves (it hurts less).  So when the government decides to tell everyone something is PC, it is just natural that society will believe them.  Nowhere in ANY laws does it say it is illegal to offend someone.  Oh, did I just hurt your feeling….. I’m not sorry.  What have we become?  And why do we let these liberal groups dictate our lives?  Why have we lost our American values of who we are as a nation?

Some would say that not being PC is a sign of hatred.  And once you have been identified as a violator of not being PC, the one who has unilaterally determined you are guilty, provides a rebuttal of attacks, stating that you somehow should be ashamed of yourself.  Seriously, all I would really like to know is, who sets the rules?  If someone says, “excuse me, but that is very offensive,” am I automatically gonna be brought up on PC charges?

Well for myself, I have a very damaged filter in place and most would just go as far as to say that I have NO filter (but I do).  I do not intentionally set out to hurt anyone or create hate by my words or actions.  I might find humor in something that someone else is offended by and that’s okay.  I am not here to appease everyone’s path that I cross.  And if I offend you, please let me know so that if I am compelled to apologize, I can.  Just know though, that if I offend you and you voice yourself does not mean you will always get an apology.

Here’s the bottom line…… The world owes you NOTHING.  I owe you NOTHING.  Nobody needs to be fair so don’t expect it.  Grow a backbone and learn to deal with it. It’s  called life and if you don’t like it, then tough shit.  Oops, there goes that damaged filter again not doing it’s job.  See I told you its damaged.  Buck up little pony, this is life and you better learn to navigate through it or it will be a tough ride.  What was the best John Wayne quote ever?



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