Who is this man trying to remain simple in a complex world?  I was born in South Dakota and at the ripe age of 6 months old, my parents dragged me into North Dakota against my will.  There I remained for the next 18 years living in two different microscopic towns (less than 1000 people).  At the age of 18, I joined the United States Marine Corps (1984).  In 1988, I returned back to N.D. for roughly 3 months.  I moved to Cheyenne Wyoming for approximately 2 years.  During that 2 years I attended Cheyenne Aero Tech and obtained my federal license to perform maintenance on private and commercial aircraft.

I moved back to N.D. for a brief 2 month stint at which time I received a job offer from United Airlines.  The day I left N.D. in 1989, it was more than -40 degrees… yep, that’s a minus temp and I never looked back (well almost never).  I moved to San Francisco and worked at United for the next 10 years holding two different positions (A&P mechanic and maintenance supervisor).  A transfer within the company in 2000 moved me and my family to Indianapolis for the next 8 years where I worked as an aircraft technical writer and also a structures engineer.  During this time, I attended Indiana Wesleyan University and acquired my bachelors of science degree in business management.  In 2008, and after 18.5 years with United Airlines, I resigned and moved to N.D. to work for Goodrich Corporation as a systems engineer.

I worked at Goodrich for 4 years at which time they were purchased by United Technologies Corporation (UTC).  I have now been with UTC for almost 4 years.  After 6 years as a systems engineer, I took the position of customer quality manager which moved me and my family to the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix area).  From 2013 to 2015, I went back to Indiana Wesleyan University and acquired my MBA with a concentration in program management.  It’s been a very rewarding career of 32 years in the aerospace industry.

And now at 50 years old I am looking to put all my thoughts into words on paper (or virtual).  I have had a ton of experience not just in aviation but with life in general.  I have lived half way around the world, raised 5 step-kids, moved multiple times, lost all of my retirement at the age of 40, and have vowed to never say never again as long as I live.  Life has taught me a lot of lessons along the way.  Life is tough and it is not an easy life we try to navigate through.  I have always taught my kids that the world is tough and you have to be more tough in order to make it through.  Remaining simple in a complex world is not always an easy thing to accomplish.