Breathe…!  That’s what I tell people when they get so wound up over something that they are about to blow a gasket.  Now  for those of you who know me personally, stay with me on this one.

I watched a co-worker of mine one time get so angered and frustrated at work that as he stood there in utter frustration, blood started to trickle from his nose.  I had never in my life seen anything like this before.  As the years had gone by, I too started to develop characteristics of my co-worker and realized that it was not a good thing at all.

Every wrong that I noticed or saw absolutely NEEDED to be corrected and I was “the prick” that felt I was the one to, “gitter done”.  You may think your actions are making an impact but in reality, you are nothing more than just a speck of sand on millions of square miles of beach.  It was my way or the highway (my wife say’s this is still true about me).  (she lies).

I know that over half of you who know me and including my wife are just shaking your heads saying….. isn’t this the kettle calling the pot black?  Believe it or not, I too sometimes have to stop and say to myself, Breathe Bob.

This is life and life isn’t easy.  Hell, it’s down right tough.  But as we mature and grow more wise, we tend to mellow with age.  I have realized that we only get one shot at life.  If we screw it up, the response is, “too bad”  and there are no redo’s.

So now we get to the question, if we are so power driven and so focused on getting results, how do we “let some light into our life?”  Power driven and control driven are counter intuitive to what this whole article is about.  The answer is really very simple.  You can’t let any light in.

You live in a world of perpetual darkness and the worst part of it is that you do not even realize it.  You are so wrapped up in who you are that you do not even see what’s going on around you.  Many of you are now saying, “obviously, the guy writing this article has no clue.”   Oh, let me tell you, I get it.  It’s you who doesn’t get it.

When you get to the end game in life, and trust me, you will get there, everything you have done in life and everything you think you have accomplished has gotten you where?  You have proven what?  You will die and the world will forget you.  That’s right, this big, bad world will forget that you even existed.  In fact, believe it or not, this big bad world doesn’t even know you exist today.

Life is what you make it, not what it makes of you.  Who you are does NOT matter.  Think about every major devastating event in your life that has happened (death of a parent, death of a loved one, loss of a job, a child leaving home, etc…).  No matter what the event is, who you are does not matter, period.   It’s how you handle them is what defines who you are.

I was recently visiting with my aunt and uncle who are both retired and what they shared with me was invaluable.  They told me that no matter what I did, no matter who I was, if I thought what I was doing was going to change the world, it was NOT.

Remember one thing – You only get one chance in life – period.  There are no redo’s.  Enjoy life to it’s fullest and never look back.  Don’t be that condescending prick who everyone hates.  Be the compassionate person who can offer something to those who need your companionship.  Be the person who listens instead of talks.  People need people and because of this, you have the most wonderful opportunity in life without even knowing it.

Be that person.  Listen when someone needs you.  Help when someone needs your help.  pray for someone when they need prayer.  It’s really a simple code to live by and something we can all do in life.


3 thoughts on “Let Some Light into Your Life!

  1. Only in the past few years am I “getting it”! If only life were like “Benjamin Button”. Start out old, and go backwards with all your knowledge! Lol!

    Good writing Bob. 😉


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