Pet-Peeves…. we all have them.  And don’t you dare say, “no, I don’t.”  Let’s break this down as to what a pet peeve really is.  Word Net Dictionary says this about what a pet-peeve is: an opportunity for complaint that is seldom missed.  In other words, it is something that every time it presents itself, you will complain internally or externally….. either way, it bugs the shit out of you.

  1. The #1 Pet-Peeve I have has to do with driving.  Hey people, the left lane is for passing.  One more time, hey people, the left lane is for PASSING….!  Get the hell out of the left lane if all you are going to do is create a rolling road block.  Good God man, how many times do I have to flash you my bright lights and bump your bumper before you get the hint?  Did you not pass your driving test (written and driven) in English?  The left lane is for PASSING.
  2. Millennials – I know my parents had a hard time with my generation (Gen X’ers) but seriously we were no where as “Ef’d” up as a functioning group in society as the Millennials are.  Generation X’ers are as follows: highly educated, active, balanced, happy, and family-oriented. We still respected our elders, we hold the doors open for women and we gave people our attention when necessary.  Millennials, plain and simple, do not care.  Or maybe they just don’t get it.  Society owes them something.  Not sure what that something is, but by God we owe it to them.  Millennials tend to be “less religious” than generations before them, they tend to stay home with mom and dad until much later in life (30’s) and have a lot less ambition and motivation than the generations before them.  (We’re doomed). 
  3. Door to door salesman – If you don’t mind getting a real ass chew’in, go ahead and come to my door especially after 6pm at night.  Not only will I make you feel like you just royally screwed up for ringing my doorbell (making my dogs uber-hyper) but I will take you to task 100%.  So if you think you are going to come to my door and sell me something, I have a surprise for you.  I will play your game for 3 minutes.   Once I tell you I’m not interested, that is your one and only clue to turn around and leave.  After that, it’s game on.  Not only did you just piss me off, but you have just been given fair warning of your mistake.  My last statement is usually, “dude, you just pissed me off and it would probably be in your best interest to depart about now.”  With that one, they usually get the hint.
  4. Customer service – This includes the newly proposed minimum wage of $15 an hour.  Are you kidding me?  Do we not know what entry level jobs are and what their function is?  Entry level is just that (entry level).  These jobs are NOT designed to be a career.  Customer service is just that, “please serve the public.”  And if you provide excellent service, I’m not opposed to providing a 20% tip.  That means on a bill of $70 bucks, your tip will be $14.00.  Oh, I’m sorry, all you have is a GED and entry level is the best you can do?  Buckle down and work harder.  Hard work has NEVER been a bad thing for anyone.  While the average college graduate has nearly 30,000 in education debt and scores a job out of college making $20 an hour, those who got their GED feel they should make the same as the recently graduated starving college student.  This means those who obtained their 4 year bachelors degree will be in debt with just school loans for over 8 years and making just slightly more than the “millennial” who are for some reason entitled.
  5. “Say what you mean, and mean what you say.” – In other words, if you say you will do something, then it would be best if you follow through.  Seriously, if you do not plan on following through, then how much creditability do you really have?  Oh wait, you’re a millennial so you are exempt from giving a damn about anything.

I know I am UBER harsh on the Millennials but seriously we are allowing a societal change that will ultimately change the Western culture as we know it today.  I know many of you are saying that we’ve been changing that culture for the past 100 years but seriously, this is a generation that believes the Government is there to protect them and save them from their mistakes.  Remember why the constitution was created and what it stands for.  Remember how our founding fathers fought for our freedoms and all of those after them who dedicated their lives to military service and defending our rights. 




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