Where do we go from here?  In order to get over the present, we have to be able to move into the future.  It sounds simple but at times has proven to be very  difficult.  What is it exactly that we are moving on from?  And is it truly important to move on?  We are trying to move on from an unpleasant experience such as the loss of a loved on, or maybe a break-up in a marriage or perhaps even something larger on a much grander stage.  I’d like to take this article from a small personal level up to a larger issue which is about racism.

This nation has NEVER healed from the days of yesteryear.  We act as though this is something we can NEVER get beyond.  How can we move on and heal if we continue to drudge up the past?  I challenge anyone reading this to travel to Germany and sit down with anyone from any generation and talk about Hitler.  Or better yet, go to Japan and speak with people about the U.S. dropping the bomb.  I bet you’d be surprised in what you might hear.  They don’t want to talk about it, period.  They have learned to move on.  The Hitler regime was one of dictatorship, military battle and death camps.  Millions of Jews were put to death by this regime.  In Japan, they too were under a dictatorship, military battle tested and they too wanted to rule the world.  These were two evil empires that were surrounded by some very dark and dreary times.  Ugliness to the core.  They both did things so evil that even the devil himself was appalled that mankind could commit such atrocities.

Both of these event happened long after the huge black mark (no pun intended) that was made on America.  Slavery in America began when the first African slaves were brought to the North American colony of Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619, to aid in the production of such lucrative crops as tobacco.  For over 240 years this practice took place in America and then President Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery. On Sept. 22, 1862, United States of America President Abraham Lincoln issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, declaring all slaves in rebel states should be free as of Jan. 1, 1863.  That’s right, a “Republican” president of the United States stood behind the Constitution of the United States and did the right thing (imagine that).  Yet today, the republican party is utterly hated by a majority of black people (why is that)?  They are hated because we as a society have led them down the path of laziness and hatred.  Yep, laziness and hatred.  The liberal democrats have continued to fund programs that will provide just enough social support that appease the black man but won’t fund any money to improving their living standards to help raise them up out of the depths of Hell they refer to as their neighborhoods.  (Keeping the brother down). 


Ferguson burns

Is whitey more privileged than his equal black brother?  No.  But Whitey grew up in an affluent neighborhood with good schools, and opportunity beyond his wildest dreams because of the great lie.  So is this racism?  I’ve seen tons of black kids between either the military or college prosper and do fine in today’s society.  They have risen above the turmoil bullshit of what they were told about the government taking care of them.  It’s the great American lie that has been spread for over 150 years.  Let’s all get a piece of the great American pie.  Do you really understand what that means?  The liberal democrats believe that pie is only so big and once it’s used up, there is no more to get.  Let me tell you my friends, that pie never ends.  The American dream is there for anyone and everyone to achieve.  If you want it, you go and get it.  Yeah, you will get knocked down and beat up, but you know what, this world is cruel and evil and isn’t here to do you any favors.  Those who have been prosperous and successful didn’t just get lucky.  You don’t become successful because of luck, you become successful by keeping focused and working hard.   

Rep. Barbara Norton disses Declaration of Independence  Crazy black woman is declaring that the Declaration of Independence is racist.

You see, ever since Obama was elected P.O.T.U.S. things have been changing.  Every time there is a black death of any sorts especially at the hands of a white person and specifically if it comes at the hands of a cop, Obama is all over it like white on rice.  When the service men were gunned down in Tennessee (2015), the president did not say a word.  5 days later due to public pressure he finally declared the flags be flown at half mass.  This president is poison and thank God this is an election year.  He is convincing everyone from the black neighborhoods to have complete disrespect for authority.  Everyone from the black community thought Obama was going to wipe racism off the face of the nation.  They thought they would get all kinds of special right and privileges by having a black man in the White House.


In the history of this nation have we seen this level of racism where there is total disregard for human life nor for authority.  Nobody cares of the hatred they are spreading.  It’s time to move on people.  My great, great, great granddaddy may have owned slaves but that does not mean I am a racist because of his actions.  And you, Mr. black man/woman, you were never a slave nor do you have a right to claim you are treated differently when in all reality it is you who continues to stir the pot and create more racism.  I have lived in many places in my life and specifically know that places like California, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and even Arizona, we don’t have race problems.  And a majority of these places have a good mix of nationalities.  I’m sure we don’t have the black population like the deep South or other regions out East but good God people, grow up and take responsibilities for your actions.  When a cop says stop, well hell, you should probably stop.  And if you are gonna run (because you were caught breaking the law) then maybe the cop has good reason to give chase.  If you challenge a cop, perhaps he is in fear of his life and he shoots you.  Huh, crazy concept how that works.

If we can get the jackasses who hold all this hatred to stop acting ignorant and feeling like the world owes them something, maybe we could get on with life and learning to cohabitate together like truly civilized people.  It’s time to move on people and to start healing this nation.  Just like Germany and Japan, this is an evil that needs to stop and we need to move on or it will continue to destroy our nation from within.


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