Written prior to the November election when everyone thought Trump’s non PC tweets would dismiss him from being the Republican party candidate. How wrong the PC crowd was.

Just a Simple Man

Happy Me

Who are we and what have we allowed ourselves to become?  This Politically Correct (PC) world is starting to crumble, and for some really stupid reason, I truly believe that some day we will get back to where we once were.  Is that a pipe dream?  Is that only a fleeting thought that will never occur?  You can’t say this, you can’t say that, you can only say these things and whatever you do, please do not offend the government as they are trying so hard to protect our rights!  Sure they are….!  Rest assured though, there is someone helping to bring PC to an abrupt end.  Donald Trump is anything but PC and he has proven time and again, “who cares if someone is offended?”

Today’s society is so damn fricking brainwashed it’s pathetic.  I have watched interview after interview and the answers I hear from some of these imbeciles…

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