Huh?  Seriously, did the greatest country in the world just screw up?  Did they make a lifetime mistake?  Hillary was scheduled to win the presidency of the U.S. and something went terribly wrong.  (so say the pundits).  The mighty pollsters had her winning by huge margins.  The media had her winning handily.  The Republicans were dissenting and either were not voting or were actually casting votes for Hillary.  Trump was an ISLAND.  He didn’t have the establishment support like all the past presidential candidates.  He didn’t have any super PAC like Hillary did, nor did he have any media support.  Hell, even Fox’s Megan Kelly was plotting against Trump.  It was Trump against the rest.  Actually, during one of the later debates, Trump made the statement, “Oh, isn’t this fair, 3 against 1 (two moderators + Hillary).

So here we are, the two days after election day in America and history has been made once again.  Seriously, you don’t know what history was made on Tuesday, Nov. 8th, 2016?  (insert humor here) The United States of America just elected the hottest “First Lady” ever…..!  That’s humor so just lighten up.


So, let’s address all those Hillary supporters out there who are protesting (the losers).  My first question is, what are you protesting?  What do you expect to achieve with your protests?  Oh, I get it, maybe President Obama will reverse the results and put Hillary in office instead of Trump, (NOT).  Oh, maybe somehow you chanting the phrase, “not my president” will change the rest of how America believes (NOT). Build a bridge and get over it…. for the next 4 years Donald Trump WILL BE your president.  Look at the map…. there is a ton of red and just little blotches of blue.  I don’t think your protest is going to change anything at all.  As a matter of fact, if I were a betting man (and I am a betting man) I would say that your protest is what we would call, a waste of time.  Quit sniveling and get back to work.  Maybe you don’t work and that’s why you have so much time on your hands to create hate and discontent, the very same thing you are blaming Trump of creating.  You’re not protesting, your rioting.  Know the difference cause one is legal and the other will get you locked up.

So I will call out one of my friends here and give him credit (Daniel Devane) says, THIS IS THE FULL RESULT OF LIBERALISM!  Wow, this is what happens when kids all “win” and get a “trophy”, are told everything they do is the “best” and pumped up when they should be told what they did was a failure and learn from it, or how nobody’s feelings can be hurt and we are all “equal”, when that just isn’t true. Change is coming and this wussy generation had better toughen up or life is going to be pretty hard for them!


What Dan is talking about here is all of the protesting that is going on in America today.  He is addressing the Universities that are creating, “Safe Rooms” for those who are offended and offering staff and counselors to mitigate the damage of this election.  They are canceling exams because of the distraught students.  OMG….. the backbone is not only broken, but it is NON-Existent.

I used to go a little further than Dan and instead of the term wussy, I called it the, “Pussification of America.”.  Seriously, what has happened to this nation.  Look at the Traditionalists or Silent Generation: Born 1945 and before or maybe event he Baby Boomers….. battle tested and loyal to the nation.  Then you had the Gen X’ers (me) which were still loyal cause we were raised by the Traditionalists or Silent Generation.  But then after that you have the, Millennials or Gen Y: Born 1977 to 1995.  The societal pressures were too great and we became tolerant to those who sniveled….. All of the time.

Where do we go from here?  Nowhere.  Life is okay.  Life is still the same today as it was yesterday.  The markets are rebounding nicely, the sun still rises in the East and will set in the West.  Trump has not changed ANYTHING.  Chill the hell out.  We have always had a peaceful transfer of power in this country and this election is no different unless the millennials fail to grow up (and get a job).




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